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Water Aerobics

Club Fitness offers challenging and fun water aerobics for a variety of ages and fitness levels! Some of our water aerobics classes include:

  • Zumba - The Zumba music and choreography you love IN THE WATER! It's a year-round pool party, no calories invited!  Join us to get wet and get fit!

  • Arthritis - This is a non-vigorous water class designed for people with arthritis and fibromyalgia.This class is helpful in relieving joint and muscle aches and pain.

  • H20 Cardio - A mix of high and low options for cardio fitness in the pool. A calorie burn that is easy on the joints.

Above is our typical weekly water aerobics classes. For our most recent schedule, click here to view our full Club Fitness class schedules.  Can't wait for you to join us!

Aerobic Class in Pool

Water Aerobics

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