• Club Fitness offers one-on-one swimming lessons.  (Group sessions are not available.)

  • The expected wait time on our waiting list is often 6 months or longer due to the high volume of children and adults requiring swim lessons and the varying times it takes each student to progress to a safe swim level or to reach his/her goals.

  • The cost is $30 per 30 minute lesson.

  • Gym membership at Club Fitness is NOT a requirement to participate in swimming lessons at Club Fitness.

  • Our highly qualified instructors teach ages 18 months to adults and all skill levels, including non-swimmers fearful of the water or those who’ve developed aquaphobia.

  • If you have previously called to be put on our waiting list, we ask that you please re-enter your information on the form below to help us update your contact information. We are still using our former waitlist to contact potential students, but are updating our system. Thank you.


Once a spot becomes available for you…

  • Payment is due before each lesson at the front desk.

  • A lifeguard is not present at any time at Club Fitness, including during swim lessons.

  • Adults/guardians are responsible for the care of their child(ren) not participating in lessons at all times in the swimming pool area.

  • During lessons, a swim instructor may ask the guardian of the child to sit in the hallway to observe swimming lessons, so that the child can focus solely on their lesson. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to you/your family joining our aquatics program soon!  


The Club Fitness Aquatics Staff