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Never thought I would like going to the gym, but I love going to Club Fitness! Awesome classes and even more awesome people!

Brandi Wilburn

I have not been in the gym in years. I get a lot of social anxiety about going in and being around so many people and feeling like everyone is looking at me and judging me. And I just didn't enjoy working out anymore. I joined Club Fitness and it is an amazing gym. I feel comfortable being there. Doesn't feel like a quote-unquote meat market. The staff is great. I even participated in the pound class. It was so much fun. Joey Cochran is a very energetic and awesome teacher. I'm glad to say my experience has me hooked on the gym again!

Candi Denise

Well... my wifey and I are settling into the new gym and we love it so far. Staff is wicked (New England word) nice and friendly, gym is really clean, all facilities they offer are top-notch. So far the club members seem to be nice. We don't get the feeling anyone stares or judges us as an overweight or interracial couple and so far we've had pleasant convos with people there. The overall experience is a 5 star one so far!!!

Matthew Nada

Love the atmosphere, the people, the gym equipment I can go on and on. My husband and I are so thankful to be able to get in good shape and health do to this amazing facility.

Sara Watson

Hands down the best gym I have ever dealt with. The equipment is way beyond adequate and well maintained. Facility is always clean. Pool is awesome. Love the fact they have all of those classes to choose from included in your membership. The only thing I dislike is not being able to workout on major holidays. I do understand it is a necessary trade off to always having someone there to assist you.

Larry Tillery

Pat is an amazing instructor with a great personality and in a little over a year, the results are in that Club Fitness is my workout home. My arms are thinner, my belly flatter, and my overall self image has greatly increased.

I never feel judged or uncomfortable here and the staff are so welcoming!

Thank you, Club Fitness, for being my pool workout haven!

Ashley Wester

No extra fees for classes? Check. Free childcare? Check. Water aerobics 5 days a week? Awesome. Everyone is friendly and encouraging, no judgements for whatever step you are on for your own health journey.

Megan Hardy

I love this gym! Being someone who is on a weight loss journey I was scared to go into a gym for the first time, but this gym and the people here made me feel so comfortable and welcome! I've lost 33 pounds so far and I'm so excited to be a part of this family!! I like that it feels like a family and has a great sense of community. There's a wide range of classes a lot of different things to try!! Love this place.

Anna Maddox

I love visiting this place. The vibe is awesome and it’s got everything you need for whatever your goals are! Equipment is great and the people are really nice.

Les Byrd

Club Fitness is an awesome place! I am one of the instructors there so I may be a little biased, but everyone is so nice. The other trainers, management—it’s a great place to work and work out. The members are great! Friendly, enthusiast, haven’t met a stranger. I’ve trained at many gyms over the years and Club’s group fitness schedule is the most robust of any I’ve ever seen. I’d highly recommend making Club your gym home!

Mandi Harris


The new 24 hours makes Club Fitness the best club in Carroll County after 12am. Top. equipment with a large open floor plan. From free weights to the elliptical any and every piece of equipment to give you the workout magazine write about. This is my home away from home.

Levere Alexander


Awesome gym with great employees and trainers. My kids love the nursery!

Gigi Adams


Love this place! From the very first time I walked into Club Fitness it felt like family. The staff and trainers are awesome.

Bobbi Jo Stamm Moses


This is an amazing place with amazing staff. I love it here. :-)

Stephanie Holloway


Club Fitness has been awesome! Great staff & awesome classes! I couldn't be more impressed!

Melanie Gammon


Very pleased with Club Fitness! Awesome staff, amazing classes, and clean facilities! And who can beat free childcare?! Childcare ladies are excellent too! Check it out!

Christine Pritchet Cole


Club Fitness has a fresh new face! Love the new trainers and new classes! There is something here for everyone. The price of the membership is great , you get the whole gym with all classes and tanning included in one price! I have to admit I am partial to the Reese Fit classes !

Joan Brignac Bagwell


Just do won't be sorry. Flexible times, professional training, new friends to help motivate you. What are you waiting for???


Lacy Harber

I lost over 50 lb in the first year there and i'm a truckdriver. I hate that I love this guy!


Ronny Jefferson



 I love this gym!!!! The best workouts, great trainers, and great girls who keep the babies!!!

Kristin Shirley





This is an excellent fitness center for anyone and everyone! These classes can push the most fit to their limit and get someone started who has never worked out at all,  in the same class. The instructors motivate and guide you through the routines and push you to your personal limits. The whole "fitfam" is great also. Everyone in these classes are supportive and create a great team and family like atmosphere. This is a very diverse group of people with one common goal, being healthier.

Mike Denney



Great place to workout with great trainers.

Adam Vancour

Don't judge a book by its cover. Club Fitness may not "look" like a fabulous gym from the parking lot. However, some of the most amazing books have horrible covers. Walk inside Club Fitness and you are instantly greeted with a warm welcome and people willing to help. Club Fitness has very knowledgeable trainers who will coach you to your goals every step of the way. I know this from experience. My kids also have a blast in the nursery while I work out. I love that option. Club Fitness has also been the place where my kids take swimming lessons. The swim teachers are amazing and we love the 1:1 ratio. If you're looking for a gym to call home and a real family friendly environment go check out Club Fitness where everyone will know your name!

Megan Lamb Norton

I have purposely waited on giving my review, because I wanted to put in the time to rate it accurately. I joined Club Fitness last July on a friends recommendation, and I haven't missed more than a week or two ever since. I have struggled with body dismorphia for as long as I can remember, and belonging to a gym that motivates me and helps me reach my fitness goals has been everything to me. The workouts are fun, challenging and always different. The staff is friendly, the facility is always clean and I love that childcare and tanning are included in the fee. I hope life never takes me too far away from Club Fitness! I'm a member for life.

Amanda Shumake

Love this gym! Everyone is very nice and no judgments going on. I take the weekday classes at lunch and they are great. Getting stronger and more fit each week.

Tara Douglas Barronton

I have tried many fitness programs over the years. Club Fitness offers the absolute best training available. The workouts are different each day, the trainers care about their classes, & I can honestly say they offer the best Fitness Classes I've attended in West Georgia. Keep up the good work!
Member for 1+ year.

Laurie McDowell