Hi Gym Fam!

First, I would like to thank each and every one of you that continued to support us during this time.  Your generosity allowed us to complete some projects and keep employees working. You will be very excited to see everything that was accomplished to give you a more pleasurable experience when the gym re-opens. For example, Karen picked out some beautiful grays and she and Diana painted. Mr. Gary and Mr. Pat have pressure washed the pool area and front of the building to a shine. Casey and I pressure washed the men’s locker room. All equipment and areas will be cleaned and sanitized again before you come back. Our instructors are bringing exercise classes via Zoom right to your living room. These are just some of the bigger things. You will be proud!

Now to address the reopening. We will reopen Friday, April 24th at 4am. We are temporarily changing our hours for the first two weeks. New temporary hours will be Monday through Friday 4am until 9:30pm, Saturday 6am until 9:30pm and Sunday 10am until 6pm. This will allow us ample time to clean and disinfect without anyone else present. During these first two weeks, we will close Monday through Saturday between the hours of 2pm and 4pm to deep clean and disinfect. The pool hours will remain their normal time within these days, also closing for the two hour period to avoid persons present in the locker rooms during cleaning. The nursery will remain closed until a later date.

These are different times we live in now. Due to that, we are responsible for our own safety AND the safety of others. Everything outlined below is either mandated or just good hygiene and common courtesy – or both.

The “new normal” policies and procedures are as follows:

  • YOU MUST MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES. There is no exception to this. You are to remain 6 feet away from everyone, including your workout buddy or personal trainer. NO SPOTTING DURING THIS TIME.  This is for your safety and everyone else’s.

  • YOU MUST WIPE DOWN AND SANITIZE EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH AND USE. Again, there is no exception to this. We have sanitizing wipes and virucide with towels stationed throughout the gym. These will be your new best friends during your workout. Due to this, we ask that you complete your sets, wipe down and then move to another. No swapping between two or more unless you are committed to cleaning it every time you touch it.

  • MASKS ARE RECOMMENDED. Again, this is for your safety and everyone else’s.


  • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF MEMBERS ALLOWED AT ONE TIME. If we feel like proper social distancing cannot be maintained, we will go back to the system of checking in and allotting one hour workout windows. We also reserve the right to limit workouts to one hour during peak times if demand requires.

  • FREQUENT HAND WASHING IS ADVISED.  There are also hand sanitizers located throughout the gym. Please wash your hands after touching your face. Please avoid wiping your face with any cloth and placing it on equipment. Tuck it in your waistband.

  • SOME EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN MOVED OR TURNED OFF TO MAINTAIN A SAFE DISTANCE. Please do not move them from their new location.

  • PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT. There will not be mats available for common use during this time.


  • ALL GROUP FITNESS CLASSES WILL BE HELD OUTSIDE (WEATHER PERMITTING) AND ON ZOOM FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. LesMills OnDemand classes will be available upon request and with proper staffing to accommodate such request.

  • BE NICE. Don’t let fear give way to a lack of empathy. We are all in this together.


Our bill freeze policy is available through May 31st and a three month time freeze is available at any time. These will be re-evaluated closer to the end of May and extended, if needed. To get a bill or time freeze, please call our billing service at 1-888-827-9262. You can also sign up for your online account at This frees our employees up so that they can keep you safer. If you are enjoying Zoom, please do not bill freeze your account. This is how instructors are paid.

We have also postponed the billing of any maintenance fees due between April 15th and May 14th. These will all bill on May 15th. If you joined between January 15th and February 15th, 2020, this applies to you. If you are still experiencing financial hardship at that time, please give us a call prior to that date.

We are honored that you choose to call us “home”. We have missed you all tremendously. Our goal is to provide a safe workout environment and continue to be the stress reliever, motivator, source for confidence, extended family, refuge from the storm and emotional/mental/physical outlet that you need. If you do not feel safe leaving your home, join us on Zoom six days a week. Check Facebook for links and times.

Sincerely,  Melanie Lawler and the staff of Club Fitness